Jazz Ear Training Utilizing Pivot Tones (ITA Journal, spring 1998)
Jazzing Up The Melody (ITA Journal, summer 1994)
Practicing Jazz (ITA Journal, summer 1995 / The Trombonist, spring 2004)
Practicing With Play-a-long Recordings
The Latin Jazz Soloist (ITA Journal, winter 1997)


chord families

scale sheets:
       bebop scale
       blues pentatonic scale
       blues scale
       diminished half/whole scale
       diminished whole/half scale
       diminished whole tone scale
       dorian mode
       harmonic minor scale
       harmonic minor perfect fifth below
       locrian mode
       lydian mode
       lydian flat 7 scale
       major scale
       melodic minor
       mixolydian mode
       natural minor scale
       phrygian mode
       whole tone scale

pattern practice:
       arpeggio pattern
       bebop pattern
       diminished pattern
       whole tone pattern

stride piano exercises:
       stride exercise #1
       stride exercise #2
       stride exercise #3
       stride exercise #4
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